Kildonan Youth Mentoring

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Contact Person: Catalina Fuentes
Position: Youth Mentor Program Coordinator
Phone: 03 8401 0100
Address: 188 McDonalds Road, Epping, VIC, 3076

The program provides support to young people who are defined as at-risk or high-risk by providing the young person the opportunity to develop a trusting relationship with a positive adult role model.

The terms at-risk and high-risk refer to circumstances the young person may be living under or to their specific behaviours. Young people involved in the program are likely to have suffered severe abuse, and may live in out of home care such as a community residential unit. They are likely to experience isolation within the community, receive little family support, and have limited or negative peer relationships. Their school attendance may be poor, and they may engage in frequent absconding, criminal activity, or substance abuse. The program has been designed to assist the young person to overcome feelings of isolation and disengagement and to enhance their social and emotional well-being. By developing a relationship with a stable and positive adult role model, the young person has an opportunity to develop or improve social skills, self esteem, and make better choices.

The program matches young people from Melbourne Northern region, between the ages of 11-17 years, with suitable adult volunteer mentors who have been trained and approved by Kildonan UnitingCare.

1. Develop a positive relationship with a young person through building a friendship and participating in a variety of activities.
2. Maintenance of regular contact with the Youth Mentor Coordinator about the progress of the relationship and any significant issues which may arise.
3. Attend ongoing training throughout the year to enhance knowledge and skills.

Readiness to work within the values of Kildonan Uniting Care.
Must be aged 21 years and over.
Must have a drivers licence and own vehicle.
Must be prepared to undertake a Criminal Records Police Check and obtain a Working with Children Check.
Must be able to make a minimum 12 month commitment to the program.

A mentor can be from all walks of life but there are a couple of things that we think are important to consider when recruiting and screening potential mentors, including:
Are they a safe and responsible adult with minimal risk to the young person?
Are they able to be an appropriate role model for a young person?
Are they likely to be reliable and develop a positive relationship?
Are they able to be insightful and likely to manage the emotional complexity of the young people of our program?
Are they appropriate in their boundaries and likely to be able to manage the potential behavioural complexities of the young people?
Are they likely to access support from the mentoring coordinator when appropriate?

Mentors are matched with a young person taking into consideration interest and skills. Mentors are provided with one to one support and supervision. Regular reviews are conducted to monitor progress of the match.

Mentor Age: 21+
Mentee Age: 11-17
Privacy Policy: Yes
Child Protection Policy: Yes
Mentor Training: Yes, training is provided for mentors
Training Process of Mentors Mentors attend 3 days of induction training and are supported once matched and further training offered
Mentor Screening: Yes, screening is provided for mentors
Screening Process of Mentors: Prospective volunteer mentors need to attend an information session and are required to submit an application form, with 3 references, attend two interviews, attend induction training, be approved by a panel of professionals, and clear a working with children check and police check.
Mentor Position Description: The role of the mentor is to build a one-to-one relationship with a young person, meeting with them regularly for a few hours in a community setting. The relationship focuses on the needs and interests of the young person and the mentor offers support, friendship and a chance to do fun things together. The mentor is a positive role model and assist the young person to build confidence and self awareness and be someone the young person can just hang out with.
Mentor Minimum Commitment: 12 months, 2-3 hours weekly in the first three months then 2-3 hours fortnightly
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