Max Potential – Gosford

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Location: ,
Contact Person: Sally Parr
Position: Office Manager
Phone: 02 9004 7866
Mobile: 0425 215 195
Street Address: Level 13, 2 Park Street, SYDNEY. NSW 2000
Postal Address: Level 13, 2 Park Street, SYDNEY. NSW 2000

Max Potential is a youth leadership development program that connects community leaders with young aspiring leaders in their local area. A simple yet active learning relationship that guides individuals on how to maximise their lives and leadership potential. Personal leadership coaching accelerates peopleā€™s ability to lead themselves and others effectively. Through one-to-one, focused chats, individuals develop their leadership capacity. Coaching fast tracks success through intentional actions aligned with effective goals.

Mentor Age: 21 - 100 years
Mentee Age: 16 - 25 years
Privacy Policy: Yes
Child Protection Policy: Yes
Mentor Training: Yes, training is provided for mentors
Training Process of Mentors The training process involves a 2-day training program and four one hour one-to-one coaching sessions with a professional life-coach spread throughout the program.
Mentor Screening: Yes, screening is provided for mentors
Screening Process of Mentors: Mentors must complete an application form, undergo the 2-day training package and will be interviewed over the phone or face-to-face.
Mentor Position Description: Attend 2-day training program Receive personal coaching (4 hours over 22 weeks) Leadership Coaching - one-to-one coaching with a young person (8 hours over 22 weeks) Attend Leader Connect Groups (Optional 2x2 hours within 22 weeks) Guide a young person to progress their Community Service Project Attend Showcase - where all Community Service Projects are presented.
Mentor Minimum Commitment: 12 hours over 22 weeks
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