The School Volunteer Program

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Contact Person: Helen Jones
Phone: 08 9444 8646
Street Address: The Rise, 28 Eighth Avenue, Maylands, WA
Postal Address: PO Box 601, MAYLANDS , WA, 6931

Mission Statement

At the centre of The School Volunteer Program’s work is a belief in the power of relationships. For children to thrive, they need to be connected to, and supported by, an extended network of caring people with the skills and time to listen and provide guidance. The School Volunteer Program with our dedicated volunteers engages students at any stage in their educational pathway, from kindergarten to high school. Our volunteers help to strengthen school engagement and increase resilience in school aged children at risk of not achieving their educational potential by providing high quality mentoring programs and other in school volunteer activities. Our extended network of caring people is drawn from all walks of life and range from 18 years of age to 90+ years and all with varying degrees of experience, professions and jobs. They have one thing in common which is to give back to their local community. The School Volunteer Program operates in partnership with schools and local communities to deliver our services throughout Western Australia. Our Vision An engaged community helping young people to succeed Our Purpose/Mission To strengthen school engagement and increase resilience in school age children at risk of not achieving their educational potential by providing high quality mentoring programs and by identifying, training and supporting volunteers who are committed to improving education and life outcomes for students Our Values Inclusiveness – We include all students, volunteers and team members regardless of social background, ethnicity, gender or economic circumstances. Excellence – We are committed to delivering services to students, schools, stakeholders and partners to the highest possible standard and in an accountable manner. Empathy – We listen, respect and respond to the needs of all students, team members and stakeholders. Equity – We strive to treat our students, volunteers, team members and stakeholders in a fair and equitable manner at all times.

Program Details

The School Volunteer Program is a very successful mentoring program that is currently in over 250 schools throughout Western Australia. This program utilises the wonderful resource of community volunteers who go into a primary or high school and mentor a young person one-on-one for a minimum of one hour per week. The School Volunteer Program has been operating this program in WA since 1996 and has over 1000 volunteers assisting over 2200 young students annually who are at risk of disengaging from school.

Mentor Age: 18+
Mentee Age: 5-17
Privacy Policy: Yes
Child Protection Policy: Yes
Mentor Training: Yes, training is provided for mentors
Training Process of Mentors All volunteers with The School Volunteer Program must attend an initial introductory module on volunteering (Module One) before starting their volunteering journey with SVP. For those volunteers choosing to mentor an additional training Module focusing upon Mentoring (Module Two) is also required. Both modules are approximately three hours in length and are free for our volunteers. Following this initial training, ongoing information workshops are available covering topics such as:- Reading through Support a Reader, Resiliency, Cultural Awareness, Drugs Young People and You and others as the needs arise and as developed.
Mentor Screening: Yes, screening is provided for mentors
Screening Process of Mentors: All volunteers are required to submit an application initially which must include details of two referees who are contacted as part of the screening process. Volunteers are assessed for suitability to operate within a school environment and are required to obtain a Working with Children Check and Volunteer National Police Check.
Mentor Position Description: Mentors are caring and responsible adults who take the time to listen, support and guide a student on a consistent basis, usually a school year. A mentors main role is to spend time doing positive and fun activities on a one to one basis that will nurture a student's self esteem and self confidence. Activities are many and varied and can include helping students read, helping with school work, building projects, art and craft or just having a chat. By doing this the mentor becomes part of the team of caring adults who support the healthy development of students and contribute towards improved outcomes. To be a mentor we encourage a commitment of one school year although this can be variable. Mentoring is very much about relationship building and as such the time committed is very important to build that relationship. If you are unable to commit the time to mentor, or not sure if this is for you, we have lots of other extremely valuable volunteering roles available that helps support students and schools. This can range from non teaching assistance in class, helping in the school library, helping the school canteen, breakfast club, assisting on sports days as well as other opportunities. Call us to discuss.
Mentor Minimum Commitment: Preference is for one school year although can be less. Contact to discuss.
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