Youth Mentoring Week

23 October – 29 October 2016

Youth Mentoring Week is a celebration throughout Australia of youth mentoring and all its success, potential and opportunity. This week provides us all with a valuable opportunity to:

  • Celebrate the positive impact on young people
  • Recognise and celebrate the contribution of mentors
  • Raise the profile and promote the benefits of mentoring
  • Recruit more mentors
  • Seek support for mentoring through mentor recruitment and partnerships within communities and including business.

Downloadable certificates

Register your Event

We know that not all events are public events. If your event is private (only for your mentors and mentees) please register it anyway and choose the private option. The AYMN will only register the title of your event, your organisation name, a brief description and event date on the website. No location details or event times will be displayed. By listing every event on the register we can show exactly how many programs are excited to celebrate the successes of their mentoring matches.