A Follow-Up Randomised Controlled Trial Evaluation of the Effects of Business in the Community’s Time to Read Mentoring Programme

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This report presents the findings of a randomised controlled trial evaluation of the Time to Read volunteer mentoring programme run by Business in the Community.

There already exists a strong body of evidence demonstrating that Time to Read is extremely well received by schools, mentors and the children themselves who regard it as an important aid in helping improve literacy skills among struggling readers. This present evaluation has sought to add to this evidence base by assessing the actual effects of Time to Read and, more specifically, whether it is leading to real and measurable improvements on the reading skills of children taking part in the programme.

The trial is one of the largest evaluations of its type undertaken internationally and involved 512 children from 50 primary schools across Northern Ireland. The evaluation team is indebted to the volunteer mentors and their companies, the school principals, teachers, children and parents that participated in the study and also The Atlantic Philanthropies whose generous support made the research possible.

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