“She holds my hand” The experiences of foster youth with their natural mentors

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Journal: Children and Youth Services Review

The vulnerability and adversity that youth frequently experience following aging out of foster care are well-documented. However, much less is known about the positive experiences and healthy relationships that may buffer these youth from the negative outcomes following emancipation. Utilising a strengths perspective, this exploratory study gathered qualitative data about the experiences of older foster youth with their natural mentors. Although other at risk and marginalised groups are represented in the natural mentoring literature,representation of female foster youth of colour is scarce. Seven female foster youth of colour were individually interviewed using a semi-structured protocol. Data were analysed using the grounded theory approach. Key themes identified included: (1) relationship characteristics that matter, (2) support I receive, (3) how I’ve changed, (4) thoughts on my future, and (5) what I think about foster care. Implications for practice are discussed.

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