Is mentoring suitable for your community?

Before you begin creating your mentoring program you need to ask some important questions. Firstly, is mentoring the right program for your community. Mentoring is no soft option. It requires hard work and dedication form the organisation to ensure it is successfully, but those that do take the time to design a comprehensive program will reap the rewards from their efforts. However, mentoring may not be the right program for all young people and all communities. What works well in one town replicated in another may not be as successful. There is no one size fits all model when it comes to mentoring programs and each one must be tailored to suit the needs of the local community and the young people you are trying to assist. This document helps you ask some important questions to determine if your community can support a mentoring program. It also helps you to start to shape your program parameters.


 30 Questions

30 Mentoring Questions

This document provides anyone considering setting up a program with 30 key questions they need to consider before they can get implement a mentoring program.