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Location: ,
Contact Person: Francis Iva
Position: Program Manager
Phone: 07 3442 0762
Mobile: 0424 082 955
Street Address: Units 31-37 Barklya Place, Marsden, QLD
Postal Address: PO Box 615, Marsden, QLD, 4132

The overall objective of CCC is to encourage students from Marsden and Mabel Park SHS to gain university experience and assist and encourage young people in to further study. Students have been identified from Marsden and Mabel Park SHS as having academic ability with potential to enter into University after completing Year 12.

Mentor Age: 18-30
Mentee Age: 15-18
Privacy Policy: Yes
Child Protection Policy: Yes
Mentor Training: No
Training Process of Mentors Griffith University will hold and induction as well as Careerkeys.
Mentor Screening: No
Screening Process of Mentors: Mentors will be pre selected by the University.
Mentor Position Description: The overall objective of this program is to encourage students from Marsden and Mabel Park SHS to gain university entrance.The role of the CCC Mentor is to provide social and educational support for participants and their families in addition to assisting with classroom activities and facilitation. The CCC Mentor is expected to assist in providing a stimulating, welcoming and safe environment for the participants. The CCC Mentor will enhance the participation of young people, nurture the development of stronger relationships with their families and peers, provide familiarisation with university life and assist with the development of study skills.
Mentor Minimum Commitment: Once a week.
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