Program Type:
Location: ,
Contact Person: Natasha Saunders
Position: Mentoring Program co-ordinator
Phone: 03 54911 280
Street Address: Davies St, Charlton, VIC
Postal Address: PO Box 138, Charlton, VIC, 3525

CSOAR (Community Support, Opportunity and Relationships) aims to create connections with our young people and the community by matching a student with a responsible adult mentor. Its purpose is to challenge our local youth to recognise personal, social and vocational opportunities.

Mentor Age: 20+
Mentee Age: 15-16
Privacy Policy: No
Child Protection Policy: No
Mentor Training: Yes, training is provided for mentors
Training Process of Mentors Training is facilitated by the program co-ordinators. In the past it has involved 2 evenings of training (3 1/2 hours each evening). The training is collaborative and interactive and covers a number of modules.
Mentor Screening: Yes, screening is provided for mentors
Screening Process of Mentors: Mentors are required to fill out documentation about themselves, work history etc. Referees are required. Mentors also complete Working with Children Checks and Police Checks.
Mentor Position Description: Mentees usually come from our local community. They are required to act as a support person and someone who can help the mentee link with the community in a positive manner. They are also required to assist the mentee in establishing personal goals, vocational interests, transitions and pathways.
Mentor Minimum Commitment: It is a 12 month commitment. Mentors are expected to meet face to face with their mentee for at least 2 hours per fortnight. Phone contact, text messaging etc is also encouraged on a regular basis. Our school facilitates some activities and group meetings, however a majority of the contact is organised by the mentor and mentee.
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