Max Potential – Mudgee

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Location: ,
Contact Person: Sally Parr
Position: Office Manager
Phone: 02 9004 7866
Mobile: 0425 215 195
Street Address: Level 13, 2 Park Street, SYDNEY. NSW 2000
Postal Address: Level 13, 2 Park Street, SYDNEY. NSW 2000

Max Potential is a youth leadership development program that connects community leaders with young aspiring leaders in their local area. A simple yet active learning relationship that guides individuals on how to maximise their lives and leadership potential. Personal leadership coaching accelerates people’s ability to lead themselves and others effectively. Through one-to-one, focused chats, individuals develop their leadership capacity. Coaching fast tracks success through intentional actions aligned with effective goals.

Mentor Age: 21 - 100 years
Mentee Age: 16 - 25 years
Privacy Policy: Yes
Child Protection Policy: Yes
Mentor Training: Yes, training is provided for mentors
Training Process of Mentors The training process involves a 2-day training program and four one hour one-to-one coaching sessions with a professional life-coach spread throughout the program.
Mentor Screening: Yes, screening is provided for mentors
Screening Process of Mentors: Mentors must complete an application form, undergo the 2-day training package and will be interviewed over the phone or face-to-face.
Mentor Position Description: Attend 2-day training program Receive personal coaching (4 hours over 22 weeks) Leadership Coaching - one-to-one coaching with a young person (8 hours over 22 weeks) Attend Leader Connect Groups (Optional 2x2 hours within 22 weeks) Guide a young person to progress their Community Service Project Attend Showcase - where all Community Service Projects are presented.
Mentor Minimum Commitment: 12 hours over 22 weeks
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