St Joseph’s Cowper Mentoring

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Location: ,
Contact Person: Naomi Burke
Position: Acting Manager
Phone: 0266423022
Mobile: 0467053808
Street Address: 120 North St Grafton
Postal Address: PO Box 418 GRAFTON 2460

St Joseph’s Cowper Mentoring aims to provide meaningful, safe, trusting relationship between young person & adult to assist facilitation of issues presenting in life be it school, home, within self etc . Recognition that childhood and adolescence can be a difficult time for all young people & often school, parents are unable to meet the needs of the young person as they see too much of them & are too close. Mentoring develops a relationship just based on the young person & a mutual development of trust one for the other

Mentor Age: 25 years and over
Mentee Age: 0-18 years
Privacy Policy: Yes
Child Protection Policy: Yes
Mentor Training: Yes, training is provided for mentors
Training Process of Mentors Orientation Response Ability Pathways Therapeutic Crisis Intervention Client specific training Supervision Ongoing training as identified
Mentor Screening: Yes, screening is provided for mentors
Screening Process of Mentors: WWCC National Police Check Referee Check Interview
Mentor Position Description: POSITION DESCRIPTION Position: NPSS Youth Worker Hours: Permanent Part Time Salary: SCHADS Level 2 Location: 120 North Street, Grafton Responsible to: Mary Day, Education Manager Qualifications/skills:  Preferred – Cert IV in Community Services, Mental Health, Youth, Disability, or a related discipline  RAP/TCI training  Current Driver’s licence.  Preferred - current First Aid Certificate. Role responsibilities: Mentoring/Youth Work Support Program The role of the NPSS Youth Worker in relation to the children/young people they are mentoring is to:  Provide children and young people with support and guidance through planned relationships with positive adult role models  Build self-esteem  Encourage relationship-building skills  Develop age appropriate social skills  Develop special interests and support and encourage participation in activities in the broader community  Provide stability and support to out-of-home care placements  Prevent family breakdown (where children or young people are mentored through the school based Students at Risk program  Encourage and support continued education, training and/or employment Supervised Contact Program  Support and facilitate contact and promote appropriate relationships between family members or significant others and children and young people in out-of-home care Supervised Transport Program  Provide safe transport options for children and young people to attend unsupervised contact with family or significant others  Attend medical and professional appointments or to travel to and from respite placements  Role Duties Duties Success Measure Safety - Provide and maintain a safe environment for young people and staff at SJC - Follow policies and procedures of SJC, particularly around usage of sharps - Report any concerns about safety/suitability of environment to appropriate managers/WHS representatives - Maintain a current Working With Children Check - Record information about any incidents involving young people in AIMS in a timely manner - Respect the privacy and safety of young people's belongings and personal space - Ensure activities undertaken with young people are age-appropriate - Educate young people about behaviours that make them feel unsafe or uncomfortable - Support young people making allegations or raising concerns - Assist young people to develop living skills - Ensure personal details are up to date on Employment Hero - Monthly safety audit - AIMS - Emails/AIMS - Employment Hero - AIMS - Supervision -AIMS -AIMS -AIMS -AIMS - Employment Hero Sustainability - Enter unavailability/leave applications into Employment Hero at least 14 days in advance - Arrive on-site in time to commence shifts - Maintain personal boundaries and follow routines set out for young people - Employment Hero - Employment Hero - AIMS Relationships - Participate in a strong team environment by providing input and feedback to team meetings - Assist in celebrating events of significance for young people in care - Where possible, encourage young people to particpate in activities and experiences relevant to their background, culture and identity - Assist children and young people to establish and maintain peer relationships - Assist young people to fill in Request to Access Records Form if they wish to access information about their personal or family history - Team meetings -AIMS -Supervision -AIMS -AIMS Education - Identify areas you would like or require development in and communicate them to your supervisor - Undertake training and development as directed and required - Training plan - AIMS
Mentor Minimum Commitment: As development of a positive relationship with the client is critical to the mentoring process mentors are expected to remain committed to the program for a period of time that would allow for relationships with clients to be built and maintained
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