Online Self Assessment

The Online Self Assessment Tool (OSAT) is designed to assist programs identify how they are meeting the benchmarks and help understand where the program’s strengths and weaknesses lie.

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By completing this tool you will be able to see:

  • How healthy your program is and what makes a program healthy
  • Areas that are tracking well or need improvement
  • How your program rates against the average of all programs
  • Useful links and contacts for continuous improvement

This is an anonymous process and only the program staff completing the tool will be able to see their individual results. The Youth Mentoring Network does not have access to individual results nor do they want to. By keeping the tool anonymous it is hoped that program staff will answer the questions truthfully in order to obtain a true indication of their program’s strengths and areas for further development. The Youth Mentoring Network will only access the total average statistics where no programs can be identified. The total averages will be used to determine what services need to be developed by the Youth Mentoring Network in order to better assist programs to meet the National Youth Mentoring Benchmarks.