Starting a Program

If you are thinking about starting a program or you have decided mentoring is the program for your community, but don’t know where to begin, here are some useful resources for you. Start with getting to know the Australian Youth Mentoring Benchmarks and best practice models for mentoring programs. The benchmarks are based on results of research examining what features make a successful mentoring program.

If you are considering starting a mentoring program here is a 6 step plan to get you started. The first three steps provide you with information to familiarise you with the concept of youth mentoring and help you make an informed decision about whether or not implementing a youth mentoring program is the right direction for your community. The resources here are by no means an exhaustive list but rather a starting point.

Together with the Australian Youth Mentoring Benchmarks, these documents give you an overview of what is involved in creating a successful and effective youth mentoring program.

Step 1: What is mentoring?
Step 2: Is mentoring suitable for your community?
Step 3: Designing the program
Step 4: Plan how to evaluate the program
Step 5: Plan how the program will be managed
Step 6: Implement the program