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Factsheet 21: Engaging your mentee’s family

Youth mentoring is primarily understood as a relationship between a mentor and mentee, yet mentors often enter into home, school, and other community settings associated with their mentee and interact regularly with other people in their mentee’s lives such as parents. However, developing appropriate relationships with your mentee’s family is often quite difficult. Parents don’t always understand the mentor’s role and therefore may not know how to relate to you. Fortunately, this factsheet provides you with several simple strategies you can employ to build an effective relationship with your mentee’s family.

Factsheet 20: Building Emotional Intelligence

This factsheet provides hints and tips to help you build emotional intelliegnce in your mentee


Factsheet 19: Building Resilience in Young People

This fact sheet contains information and ideas to assist mentors to help their mentee(s) build resilience

Factsheet 18: Mentoring LGBT Youth

This factsheet provides hints and tips to help you mentor youth who are or may be lesbians, gay, bisexual or transgender.

Factsheet 17: Preparing Youth for Closing of a Match

This factsheet provides hints and tips to help you prepare you and your mentee in closing the match.

Factsheet 16: Mentoring Indigenous Youth

This factsheet provides details about Aboriginal culture which will better prepare you for mentoring indigenous youth.


Factsheet 15: Maintaining Relationships During Breaks

This factsheet provides ideas on how to keep the mentoring relationship going during school holidays, exam leave and other long breaks.

Factsheet 14: Mentoring Girls

This factsheet will outline some challenges with mentoring girls and includes strategies to build stronger mentoring relationships with girls.

Factsheet 13: Mentoring Youth from a CALD Background

This factsheet will help you mentor young people from a background which is culturally or linguistically different from your background.

Factsheet 12: Dealing with Grief or Loss

This factsheet aims to assist mentors in helping your mentee deal with grief or loss in their life.