Mentor Factsheets
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Factsheet 11: Helping Your Mentee Deal with Stress

This factsheet will assist you in helping your mentee manage stress during various stages of their lives, including family breakdown and during exam periods.

Factsheet 10: Mentoring Boys

This factsheet will outline some challenges with mentoring boys and suggest strategies to assist you in mentoring boys.

Factsheet 9: Ice Breakers

This factsheet contains information on games a mentor can play with their new mentee to make the mentee feel more comfortable with the mentor.

Factsheet 8: Leaving School – Where to Now?

This factsheet contains information on how to manage the leaving school process and contains useful resources and websites, which can be provided to the student.

Factsheet 7: Anger Management

This factsheet aims to assist mentors in dealing with an angry mentee. It will provide strategies for dealing with conflict situations and further resources to assist your mentee in developing positive behaviours.

Factsheet 6: Dealing with Bullying

This factsheet will define bullying in its various forms, including cyber-bullying. It will also assist mentors in supporting mentees and provides information about further resources.

Factsheet 5: Careers and Jobseeking

This factsheet will provide mentors with ways they can broach the career topic in general conversation with their mentee as well as providing information about resources they can use to help their mentee in their career and job seeking efforts.

Factsheet 4: Trouble-shooting the Relationship

This factsheet discusses some common challenges that occur in a mentoring relationship and suggests some possible ways of resolving them.

Factsheet 3: Getting to Know Your Mentee

This factsheet will provide information, games, activities and questions you can ask your mentee to break the ice and get the conversation going.

Factsheet 2: Building Relationships

This factsheet contains information and ideas to encourage a meaningful and fulfilling relationship.